The secret of the universe

All human beings strive to understand the universe. Most however feel the task is too difficult.

Even though they feel it’s impossible, they already understand most of what there is to know about the universe because the answer lies within them.

Why does understanding the universe depend on some great “secret”?

Because its nature is invisible, inaudible, intangible.

So, then, what is it?

It is something that numberless people have understood it since the dawn of awareness:

The secret of the universe, its origin and its essence, is energy—whole and without limits.

While we cannot possibly describe it with words, this energy embodies all potentialities and contains everything that could ever possibly exist in its elusive state.

Over the centuries sages—using their intuitive perception—succeeded in understanding how the universe works.

This knowledge goes well beyond objective comprehension, which is restrictive and dissociative, thus separating us from what we are trying to understand. Therfore, those breakthroughs could only be made using the whole of our mental faculties (direct, intuitive, unitive awareness, in meditation).

What, then, is the outcome?

It’s quite simple:

Everything in the universe is born of primordial energy—that fundamental essence.

First, the sphere of the non-manifest, a domain in which nothing is discernable and nothing is perceptible, forms; it is everything in an undivided state of unity. Everything exists, but in an indefinable way.

Thus it is not very different from primordial energy. It is a phase that is called pre-Heaven.

This, the sphere of unmanifested reality, also called the unborn universe (not yet created in a state that is perceptible to us), then gives birth to the manifest world that we know.

The sphere of the manifest is born of the former, and divides into three dimensions: spirit, matter and life.

This takes place as a continuous expansion of the first energy, which is the “insubstantial substance” of all things.

Then do we have energy manifested as spirit, energy manifested as matter and energy manifested as life.

In doing so, the same, original energy diversifies into several levels and multiple forms of beings and objects, each of which taking on its own individual reality.

Light, pure energy (high vibrating frequencies) develops into spirits.

Heavy, gross energy (low level vibrations) becomes matter in all its different forms.

This is not merely wild imaginings but tried and true knowledge that science itself just begins to explain when it manages to do so. (As in Quantum physics)

Much more important than scientific breakthroughs is the practical use we can make of it by experimenting with energy.

Just as energy, which we call Chi (pronounced ‘tchi’), underlies all reality, it helps us understand the world, who we are, our destiny and how best to fulfill it.

Learning to understand energy opens the door to true spirituality and shows us which path to follow. Energy is our very being. The more spiritually advanced we become, the better we can truly understand this reality in all its subtlety—subtle like our soul, subtle like the invisible “breath” that surrounds us and keeps us alive.

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