Born in 1939, I am currently in the process of becoming a (happy) old man. And yet I still feel I am brimming with resources and creativity after a long and successful career.

I did good old fashioned classical studies in the 50s (Latin and ancient Greek), which they say helps structure our mind. Mathematics wasn’t of particular interest to me.

I became a professor, which I did full time for about 20 years. Then my life changed. As I had always been interested in medicine, I was naturally fascinated by Chinese medicine and so became a certified acupuncturist until my retirement.

A whole new field of investigation and self-fulfilment opened up for me; I was discovering a culture that was completely unknown to me, whose vastness of scope was stupefying. From then on – and until present – I have continued to immerse myself in this varied, multi-faceted body of learning and in Taoist spirituality in particular, which for me is a supreme expression of the human adventure.

It’s no wonder, I suppose: from a very early age I found myself interested in understanding the meaning of destiny and what the world is about. The Taoist tradition perfectly answered this need.

I hope you too will discover and appreciate the possibility for enrichment this knowledge has to offer.

I am not a Guru. Nor am I a Master. If I am a wise man, it’s only in passing.

In fact, I’m merely aiming to transmit what I have learned through my studies, which I now leave you to enjoy.

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  2. Michael Shelley says:

    Thank you.

    May you find what you seek.
    Michael Shelley.

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